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Go Directly to Device Manager

The Device Manager is one of the most useful additions in Windows95. It lets you see all of the devices attached to your computer, and which resources they are each using. You can access it by double-clicking on the System icon in Control Panel, and selecting the Device Manager tab. It is also accessible by right-clicking on My Computer, selecting Properties, and selecting the Device Manager tab. Getting to the Device Manager this can require up to six mouse clicks, but there is an easier way.

  1. Open an Explorer window, and select your Start Menu folder (under your Windows directory).
  2. Select New and then Shortcut from the File Menu.
  3. In the field labeled Command Line, type C:\WINDOWS\CONTROL.EXE Sysdm.cpl, System,1 (replace C:\WINDOWS\ with your Windows95 directory, if different).
  4. Click Next, type Device Manager for the name of this shortcut, and press Finish when you're done.
  5. There will now be a shortcut directly to Device Manager in your Start Menu.

This one just in and its the fastest yet. Press the [windows key] and [pause key] at the same time.