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Dial-Up Networking Supports Redial

Get Windows 95's Dial-Up Networking to redial automatically when the line was busy, but I recently discovered how to do this. In the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, in the folder RemoteAccess, you can activate the redial function by changing EnableRedial from 00 00 00 00 to 00 00 00 01 and then specifying the number of redials in RedialTry from 1 (01 00 00 00) to 99 (63 00 00 00).
Dylan Taylor
Carbondale, Illinois

If Dial-Up Networking fails to connect with your Internet service provider on the first try, naturally you'd like it to try again. Fortunately, you can enable redial for Dial-Up Networking without editing the Registry. The only tricky part is finding it. Start Windows Explorer and select the Dial-Up Networking folder in the left-hand pane. Note that a new top-level menu item named Connections appears when this folder is selected and disappears when you select any other folder.

When you choose Settings from this menu, you'll see the dialog shown in Figure 1 or something similar. Check the box to enable redial, set the number of retries, and specify how long the system should wait between tries. Click the OK button and you're done. From now on, if your ISP doesn't answer on the first ring, the system will try again, and again, and again . -- Neil J. Rubenking
From the 5/26/98 issue of PC Magazine

Figure 1: The Windows Explorer Menu Choice That Invokes This Handy Dialog Is Visible Only When the Dial-up Networking Folder Is Open.