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Twisted Pair Ethernet (100baseTX/100baseT4)

When it comes to the Cabling rules, the High-Speed 100 MHz 100baseT is very similar to Twisted Pair Ethernet (10baseT/UTP), except: it does not make sense to connect 100baseT-hubs with a 10base2 (10Mhz) Backbone.

When it comes to the cabling:
100baseT requires UTP cat 5 cable !

There are different kinds of cables:
- 100baseTX for 4-wire (same as 10baseT)
- 100baseT4 for 8-wire cable

In case you need a patch/cross-cable to make a direct connection between 2 PCs or hubs, here is the wiring rules:


You can use for 100baseTX the same rules as for Twisted Pair Ethernet (10baseT/UTP)

100 baseT4: