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Creating new folders the quick way

Creating new folders in Windows Explorer can be a real pain. To do so, you have to pull down the File menu, select the New submenu, and finally select the Folder command. You can also create new folders by right-clicking in Windows Explorer's Contents pane and, when the context menu appears, selecting the Folder command from the New submenu. However, both these tasks require three mouse clicks and can be time consuming--especially with a slow computer.

Fortunately, you can quickly create folders from either Windows Explorer or My Computer with the keystroke combination


In this keystroke combination, [Alt]F activates the File menu, W selects the New submenu, and F selects the Folder command. To use this shortcut, just press [Alt]F, then W, and then F again. While it may sound awkward, it's really handy once you get used to it.