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Shortcut key to invoke screen saver

For quick access to a screen saver, you'll need to set up a shortcut to it. For example, suppose you want instant access to the Mystery screen saver (part of Microsoft Plus!). In any Explorer window, locate the Mystery.scr screen saver inside the Windows\System file.

Right-mouse-click and drag this item to your location of choice (desktop, Start menu, another folder--wherever), let go, and select Create Shortcut(s) Here. You can now invoke the screen saver at any time by double-clicking this shortcut.

Now if you want REALLY quick access to the screen saver from anywhere on your system, set up a shortcut key to it. Right-mouse-click the shortcut, select Properties, and in the resulting dialog box, click the Shortcut tab. Click once inside the box labeled Shortcut key, then type the letter you'd like to use in combination with Ctrl-Alt to invoke the shortcut (and hence, the screen saver). Click OK, bury yourself inside a window or an application, and press the Shortcut key. How Mystery-ous!