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Select multiple files

Select multiple files
Did you know that you can quickly select a group of files by dragging a box around them with your mouse? For example, to select a group of files in Windows Explorer, simply click on an open area then drag the mouse pointer to form a rectangle around the files you wish to select. When all of the files you wish to select are within the rectangle, release the mouse button. You can also use this technique with the right mouse button to automatically display a context menu when your release the button. Holding the control will allow you to skip a section of files to give it a try.

Another way to select multiple files
If you're working in Windows Explorer or My Computer and want to select all but a few files in the current folder, there's a quick way to do it.
Instead of selecting the majority of files one by one, simply select the files you don't want included in the selection by holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking each one. Once you've selected the files you don't want, choose the Edit menu's Invert Selection command. Now the files you initially selected will be deselected, and the rest of the folder's files will be highlighted.