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Windows 95 TCP/IP to Address Out-of-Band Issue

On a computer running Microsoft Windows 95 (all releases) using the Microsoft TCP/IP protocol, the following error message may occur when certain data is received over the network:

Fatal exception 0E at 0028: in VxD MSTCP(01) + 000041AE.
This was called from 0028: in VxD NDIS(01) + 00000D7C.

After this error message occurs, the computer may not receive further network data until Windows is restarted.

This error message can occur if certain, very specific, "out-of-band" data packets are deliberately sent to the server during a TCP/IP session.

This issue is resolved by the following updated files for Windows 95 (all releases):

Vtcp.386 version 4.00.0954 (dated 05/20/97) and later
Vnbt.386 version 4.00.0959 (dated 05/15/97) and later

Download Instructions:

  1. Download the Vtcpupd.exe file to an empty folder.
  2. Double Click: Vtcpupd.exe