Tiplord Windows 95 &Windows 98 Tips

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Speed up Techniques & Customizing

Adding a Logo to your General Tab in System Properties
Adding Explore From Here to Every Folder
Change BMP Icons to Thumbnail View
Change the Icons of Desktop Items
Changing the Location of Windows95's Installation Files
Changing the Telnet Scroll-Back Buffer Size
Changing your Modem's Initialization String
Creating a Default File Opener
Customize Context Menus
Customize My Computer
Customize Drive Icons
Customize Start Menu Button
Customize Start Menu Components
Designate Your Own Drive Letters
Easily Opening a File with Notepad
Get a Handle On Win95's Registry
Installing a Screen saver the easy way
Make Icons 16-bit or 24-bit Color
Make Control Panel Applets More Accessible
New icons for your shortcuts
OpenGL Screen Saver Tip
Opening a DOS Window to either the Drive or Directory in Explorer
Registry Hacks
Replacing Startup & Shutdown Screens
Restart Windows without Restarting your Computer
Restrictions without running Poledit
Rotate Wallpaper on each boot
Solving the mystery of MSDOS.SYS
Shutdown Windows 9X with a Icon
Specifying programs to run every time Windows95 starts
Stop Windows95 from Wildly Accessing your Hard Disk
Stop Zooming
Use Quick View with Any File